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Mastering Monstera Propagation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing New Plants from Cuttings

durch Nusa Plant 30 Apr 2023 0 Kommentare
Mastering Monstera Propagation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing New Plants from Cuttings

If you're a plant enthusiast, chances are you've come across the stunning and highly sought-after Monstera plants. With their impressive, large leaves and tropical vibes, they've become a must-have addition to any indoor jungle. But did you know that you can easily grow new Monstera plants from cuttings? In this guide, we'll teach you everything you need to know about mastering Monstera propagation and growing new plants from cuttings. Let's dive in!

Why Propagate Monstera Plants?

Propagating your Monstera plants has several benefits. First, you can create new plants for free, allowing you to expand your collection or share the joy with friends and family. Second, Monstera propagation has a high success rate, making it a rewarding experience for plant enthusiasts of all levels.

When is the Best Time to Propagate a Monstera Plant?

The ideal time for Monstera propagation is during the spring and summer months, when the plant is actively growing. It's also crucial to choose a healthy, mature plant for propagation, as it will have a higher chance of producing successful cuttings.

Materials and Tools Needed for Monstera Propagation

Before you start, gather the following materials and tools:

  1. A sharp, sterilized knife or scissors
  2. A container or vase (for water propagation)
  3. Potting mix (for soil propagation)

Step-by-Step Guide to Monstera Propagation

1. Selecting the Right Cutting

To begin, you'll need to choose a healthy stem with at least one mature leaf and an aerial root. It's essential to select a cutting with a node, as this is where the new roots will emerge.

2. Taking the Cutting

Using a sharp, sterilized knife or scissors, make a clean cut just below the node, leaving about 1-2 inches of stem below the node. Be careful not to damage the mother plant during this process.

3. Preparing the Cutting for Propagation

You have two options for propagating your Monstera cutting: water or soil. Regardless of the method you choose, trim away any excess leaves from the bottom of the stem to prevent them from rotting.

Water Propagation

For water propagation, simply place the cutting in a container filled with clean water, ensuring that the node and aerial root are submerged. Replace the water every few days to prevent bacterial growth.

Soil Propagation

For soil propagation, prepare a small pot with well-draining potting mix. Create a hole in the soil, place the cutting in the hole, and gently cover the node with soil. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.

4. Rooting the Cutting

Whether you chose water or soil propagation, it's essential to provide adequate light and humidity during the rooting process. Place the cutting in a bright, indirectly lit area and maintain a humidity level of around 60%. If necessary, use a humidifier or a clear plastic bag to create a mini greenhouse effect.

Keep an eye on the cutting's progress. In a few weeks, you should see new roots emerging from the node. If you opted for water propagation, you can transplant the cutting to a pot with soil once the roots are 2-3 inches long.

5. Caring for the Propagated Cutting

Once the cutting has rooted, it's essential to continue providing proper care to ensure it thrives. Provide bright, indirect light and maintain a consistent watering schedule, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between 

waterings. Don't forget to monitor the humidity levels and adjust as needed.

Transplanting the New Monstera Plant

After the newly rooted cutting has established itself in its new pot and has shown signs of new growth, it's time to transplant it into a larger pot with appropriate potting mix. Choose a pot with drainage holes and use a well-draining potting mix to prevent root rot.

To transplant, carefully remove the young Monstera plant from its current pot, keeping the root ball intact. Place it in the new pot and gently fill in the surrounding area with fresh potting mix, ensuring the plant is at the same depth as it was previously. Water the plant thoroughly to help it settle into its new home.

Troubleshooting Common Monstera Propagation Issues

During the propagation process, you may encounter a few common issues. Here's how to address them:

  1. Rot: If your cutting starts to rot, it's likely due to bacteria in the water or overly wet soil. For water propagation, change the water more frequently. For soil propagation, ensure proper drainage and avoid overwatering.
  2. Pests: Keep an eye out for pests like spider mites, aphids, or mealybugs. If you spot any, treat the cutting with insecticidal soap or neem oil.
  3. Slow Root Development: If your cutting is taking longer than expected to develop roots, be patient. Ensure it's getting adequate light and humidity, and avoid disturbing the cutting unnecessarily.


Propagating Monstera plants from cuttings is a rewarding and straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can master Monstera propagation and enjoy the satisfaction of creating new plants from your existing collection. So why not give it a try? You'll soon find yourself surrounded by even more beautiful Monstera plants to admire and share with others. Happy propagating!

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